Children’s Charity Appeal – 2003

The Children’s Charity which has been an integral feature of the festival, from its inception, is committed to continue its worthy cause of supporting ‘Maharagama Cancer Institute’ to raise the much needed funds this year too; to purchase and donate to the Radio Therapy Unit, special equipments to measure and control accurately the radiation levels during treatment.

This special equipment will cost approximately £2000 and as customary, we once again rely on the generous contributions from our expatriate community to execute this worthy cause and as an inter-active exercise we have set up a ‘Grand Raffle’ that offers a return air ticket to SriLanka with courtesy of SriLankan Airways and two return air tickets to Paris with the courtesy of Link Air, along with many more other attractive prizes to be won.

For more information and to support for this cause please visit our Children’s Charity Stall at the Festival on Sunday the 29th of June 2003.

In addition, we are obliged this year to bring to your urgent attention about a desperate situation that exists in one of our premier hospitals in Sri Lanka, at Welisara in Ragama that specialises in complex Respiratory Diseases. The majority of the patients who visit this hospital suffer from ‘Tuberculosis’ and some from a more fatal version of ‘Multiple Drug Resistant Tuberculosis’ - (MDRT). Regrettably the hospital is hopelessly inadequate in its care facilities, equipment, medical staffs etc., to meet even the minimum standards of treatment that is expected generally from a hospital service.

The hospital has approached us in this connection and has given us a list of their immediate needs The following are the urgent requirements requested by the Chest Hospital at Welisara:-
1. Isolation facilities (for MDRT) – at present there are none, and it is a threat to patients and to the hospital staff.
2. A full fledged male/female isolation ward - an immediate requirement.
3. Special Face Masks (Respirators), Negative pressure ventilation etc.
4. Inhalers for asthmatics.
5. Provision of a CT scanner.
6. Non invasive Ventilators for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
7. Training facilities for young Surgeons in VATS Surgery (Video assisted thoracoscopic surgery)
8. A video assisted Thoracoscope.

For your worthy donations or further information in this regard please contact Medical officers Dr.G. Wijesuriya and Dr. A.T. Munasinghe at the Chest Hospital in Welisara -Telephone: 00941 958272 or 00941 955696.

Charity Committee takes this opportunity to sincerely thank in advance, everyone who has kindly contributed to the appeal.

GC Perera, Chairman, Children's Charity - 2003.

Chest Hospital at Welisara – Entrance & Front Reception

Children's Charity – 2003, Donations in SriLanka

The Children's Charity section of the Festival of Cricket, which is an integral part of the UK's most popular social event among Sri Lankans in the UK, managed to raise a sum of £3000 during the Festival of Cricket held at Shenly, Herts in 2003 in aid of the Cancer Institute at Maharagama and the Chest Hospital at Welisara, Ragama, in Sri Lanka.

Out of the funds raised this year an ‘ Ionisation Chamber , to measure the accurate levels of radiation during radio therapy, to the Cancer Institue and Nebulisers' and ‘Biopsy Forceps for Bronchoscope' to the Chest Hospital at Welisara were handed over officially at the Ministry of Health in Colombo and at the Chest Hospital in Welisara respectively.

Representing the FOC, Charity Section, Mr. G.C. Perera was at the ceremony to hand over the donations personally. During the presentations Mr. Perera explained to the two gatherings the objectives of the Children's Charity organised by the FOC in the UK since 1989 and how marvellously the expatriate community has been responding progressively.

The Director General, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka , Dr Kahanda Liyanage and the Assistant Director of The Cancer Institute, Dr Paranagama who received the presents on behalf of the hospitals were overwhelmed with the invaluable donations. They expressed their appreciation with a big ‘ Thank you' to the FOC as well as the Sri Lankan expatriate community who were the real contributors of these valuable gifts. According to Dr Paranagama the Ionisation Chambe r will be of enormous value and help in the Institute's Radio Therapy programmes.

‘Nebulisers' and ‘Biopsy Forceps for Bronchoscope' were purchased in Sri Lanka and were donated to the Chest Hospital at Welisara. Dr Munasinghe the MOIC at the Chest Hospital was delighted with the donated items. He said many patients with chronic lung illnesses will greatly benefit from using these items whilst receiving treatment at the Hospital. On behalf of the patients and the staff, he expressed their heart felt thanks to everyone at the FOC and to all those who contributed for the Charity.

Mr. Perera thanked the main sponsor for the Children's Charity in 2003 - ‘Clubworld Sports & Holiday Travel Ltd' in Croydon UK as well as ‘SriLankan Airways' and all the others who contributed towards the ‘Grand Raffle'.

Mr. Perera also thanked all members of the Charity Committee, the President of FOC Mr Hemal Wijesuriya, General Committee of the FOC in the UK , Mrs Indu Seneviratne liaison officer in Colombo , Dr Granville Dharmawardena, Dr Irugal Bandara, Dr Paranagama, Dr Cooray and Dr Munasinghe in

Sri Lanka in cooperating with the FOC in enabling this charity from the UK to be an effective and a progressive annual exercise.

F.O.C. Children's Charity – Donation to the Chest Hospital , at Welisara, Ragama in March 2004

Donation of ‘Nebulisers' and ‘Biopsy Forceps for Bronchoscope'.
From the left: Dr Sanath Galgamuwa (SHO), Dr Keerthi Gunasekere (VP), Dr JHL Cooray (Retired VP/MOIC), Dr A.T. Munasinghe (VP/MOIC), Mr G.C.Perera (Charman, Children's Charity FOC 2003), Mrs Indu Seneviratne (Children's Charity Liaison in Colombo) and Mrs Karunanayake (Special Grade Nursing Officer).

F.O.C. Children's Charity - Donation to Maharagama Cancer Institute at The Ministry of Health in Colombo , March 2004

Donation of an ‘Ionisation Chamber' with ‘Latex Sheath' (measuring instruments used in radio therapy).
From left, Mrs Indu Seneviratne (Children's Charity liaison in Colombo), Dr Granville Dharmawardena (Director, Nuclear Science Dept. University of Colombo), Dr. N. Paranagama (Assistant Director, Cancer Institute Maharagama), Mr G.C. Perera (Chairman, Children's Charity FOC 2003), Dr Athula Kahanda Liyanage (Director General, Ministry of Health), Dr. Hemantha Beneragama (Director, Medical Suppliers Division, Ministry of Health) and Dr Irugal Bandara (from the Ministry of Health).