Festival of Cricket 2015 - TOURNAMENT RULES


1. All teams are required to arrive at the grounds by 8.30 a.m. on the 12th July 2015 and report to their respective Managers at their School Marquees.

2. At 8.45 a.m. all the Team Managers have to meet the Cricket Chairman together with the Umpires/Match Referees for the briefing at the ‘Cricket Secretariat’.

3. At 9.15 a.m. all the Players/Managers/Scorers/ must report to the Match Referee and the ground Co-ordinator at their allocated grounds. All Players will be 'VERIFIED' prior to the start and then if required any time during the tournament.

4. Delay to the starting time of a match will result in a team losing overs of their batting innings. Up to 10 minutes grace is allowed. Then there will be a reduction of

a).  ONE batting over up to 5 minutes delay. 

b). TWO batting overs up to 10 minutes delay.

c). THREE batting overs up to 15 minutes delay.

d). After 20 minutes the match will be forfeited.

If one team is ready with 7 players, at the starting time and the other team is late, then the late comers will lose batting over/s as above. After 20 min the match will be forfeited. Team that is ready with 7 players will be declared winners and the no-show side shall be declared the losers.

If both teams are late at the starting time but one team arrive earlier, (before time limit of 20 minutes.). The team that is ready to play with the 7 players will benefit. Only the late arrival will lose batting overs.

If both teams are late more than 20 minutes the match will be abandoned. Both teams will be declared losers and will get zero points.

Any dispute prior to the FOC event should be reported to the Chairman, Cricket Sub Committee whose decision will be Final. (Note: A verdict could be given after the event) On the day of the tournament any dispute relating totally to a particular match will be dealt by the Match Referee along with the Two on-field umpires. Their decision will be Final. (They may consult the Chairman of the Cricket Sub Committee)

Only 7 players from the list of 10 players declared on 31.5.2015, must submit to the Match Referee/Ground Co-ordinator by the Captains/Managers of the two teams, prior to the Tournament.

Number of overs: 5 Overs per side. However, due to adverse weather or other circumstances, a reduction of the number of overs, (each side must play a minimum of 3 overs) may be required. The final decision on the number of overs for each stage of the tournament, any changes to the order of play and the allocations of grounds will rest with the Cricket Chairman & Match Referee. For each stage of the tournament reduced overs shall apply to all subsequent matches of that stage.

All Players must wear white clothing. It is the responsibility of each OBAs to enforce that all players wear necessary protective gear. The FOC will not be held liable in the event of any injury.

Before the start of any game the two participating OBA teams shall provide Two Scorers, one per team. All scoring shall be finalised at the end of each match, certified by the two managers & match referee.

All Players are expected to take established fielding positions in the cricket field. The wicket-keeper shall wear pads and gloves and shall stand close to the wickets (not near the boundary line). Umpires have the authority to stop any abuse of this rule.

In these 7 a side matches, any player can bowl ONE over but no more. The bowler's run up shall be limited to 10 yards. In the event of an injury to a bowler during his bowling or due to disqualification, the respective Captain can nominate another player in the field, who has not yet bowled to complete the over.

TWO RUNS will be awarded for a WIDE BALL and an EXTRA BALL shall be bowled. TWO RUNS will be awarded for a NO BALL and an EXTRA BALL shall be bowled. Underarm bowling is a NO BALL. Underarm bowling is not allowed and the bowler may be disqualified at the discretion of the umpire.

The winner will receive TWO points and the looser Zero points. In the event of a ‘TIE’ in the ‘SCORES’ and also the ‘POINTS’, the winner will be decided by a ‘TOSS of a COIN’. If during the Qualifying round/s (or Round Robin stage/s) two or three teams get the same number of Points, then they also will be separated by a toss of a coin. The toss will be undertaken by a person nominated by the Cricket Sub-Committee together with the two Captains, in the presence of the Umpire/s, the Match Referee and Two Managers. However, in the absence of a clear winner for the PLATE and/or the CUP Finals, both teams will declare as JOINT CHAMPIONS.



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