All players must be former students of their respective college, having been educated at the college representing their OBA at the Festival of Cricket. In addition, 2 sons of former students will be allowed to represent their parent’s former college. All players must be residing in the United Kingdom.

Current or past Test, ODI, 'A' team or Pool match players (includes All International, National, Board of Control, Prime Minister’s and President’s teams) will not be permitted to play. However, any player over the age of 60 years or who has represented an OBA at the FoC prior to introduction of this rule is exempted.

With effect from 2015, any player eligible to represent more than one OBA team, has to decide his preference, then he will be eligible and will be allowed represent only that chosen OBA team. The player must register under his correct name (as appear in his passport), and in future years name change will not be allowed. OBAs shall not include a player already found guilty of violating the disciplinary code or the eligibility criteria. It is also the responsibility of every OBA to ensure the smooth progress and a peaceful conclusion of the FoC Cricket Tournament. The OBAs shall also take all measures to stamp out aggressive behaviour, verbal or physical abuse. In the event of any breaches relating to eligibility or behaviour the player/s will be automatically banned for life, player substitution will not be allowed and the OBA will be punished.

Consideration of Compliance; In 2017, all the Players participating for the ‘First Time’ in the FoC Tournament, will be required to submit ID and documentary evidence to the Chair of Compliance (eg; Passport, Full Driving License, Biometric cards etc.) In case of inadequacy of evidence, these nominated players shall be invited to attend an interview with a panel consists of three FoC executive members including Chair of Compliance and the Chair of Cricket. The decision of the Panel will be final.

All OBAs shall submit (by email) on or before Sunday 7th May 2017 the 'Declaration Form FoC-2017' with the list of ‘Twelve’ eligible players including the identities of the 2 sons and their parents should they be chosen. Any changes to this list or substitutions may not be allowed. The OBAs shall then submit hard copies of the same Declaration Form by 14th May 2017.

This Declaration Form shall contain the following assurance from the OBA. “We on behalf of our OBA declare that names in the list of players and parent/s if any are correct. The 'Passport size Photo' show true likeness of the respective players eligible to participate in the 2017 Festival of Cricket Tournament. We will not allow any persons not in this list to participate in this Tournament. We are aware that if this submission contains non-eligible or banned player/s then our OBA will be liable to consequences” (see Section 3 of the rules, - Offences, Fines and Punishments).

”The 'Declaration Form' shall be signed on behalf of the OBA by its President or the Secretary, both FoC Representatives and the Team Manager. Each 'Passport Size Photo' shall show the full face of a player and he shall not wear a hat, helmet, spectacles or sunglasses.

‘Mismatch of names and photographs may be considered an offence.’

Any OBA failing to submit(by email) the Declaration Form by Sunday 7th May 2017 and or hard copies by Sunday 14th May 2017 will face a fine of £50. Thereafter, any OBA failing to submit the list/s by Sunday 4thJune 2017 will be disqualified.  

On all matters relating to the Cricket Tournament, every OBA is fully responsible for actions of its FoC Representative/s, President, Secretary, Team Manager, Cricket Captain and the team. It is the responsibility of every OBA to ensure that the players are eligible, their names and respective photographs are accurate. In all cases of non-eligibility, the player/s takes no further part in the tournament, and will be banned for life and replacement/s will not be allowed. OBAs shall face consequences for the listing and or the participation of non-eligible player/s or for any unauthorised substitution. The OBA will be fined; its team disqualified from further participation and may face other charges.  



On receipt of the lists of the names and respective photographs of the players from an OBA, the Cricket Sub Committee will arrange to publish in the Website/Media and circulate these to all OBAs before Sunday 21stMay 2017.   

Based on the names and or the photographs of the players any OBA (not an individual) can submit a complaint/s relating to the eligibility of a player/s. The OBA shall inform the Chairman, Cricket Sub Committee and the Honorary Secretary of the FoC, initially by email posted by one of its Representatives. This email shall be followed by a formal letter giving full details of the complaint with supporting information and signed on behalf of an OBA by its President or the Secretary and one of its Representatives. OBAs must submit complaint/s as soon as possible and there is an initial cut-off date of Sunday 11th June 2017. The Cricket Committee will attempt to resolve the issue before Sunday 2nd July 2017.  The Cricket Committee will not accept any complaints/objections relating to eligibility after Sunday 2nd July 2017.

Upon receipt of a complaint, the Cricket Sub Committee will commence its investigation and will ask the OBA that is affected to respond to the allegation. It is prudent for the OBA to seek independent advice. The OBA shall fully cooperate with the FoC and provide necessary proof of attendance at the respective college and or the proof of identity and or the proof of residence of the alleged player or of the parent. As a matter of urgency, the OBA shall discuss the complaint with that player and respond within 4 days or a deadline agreed with the Chairman, Cricket Sub Committee. Failure to cooperate may result in the player being disqualified and the respective OBA being penalised. The investigation may be time consuming and may even extend beyond the FoC event. If the affected OBA is unable to provide a full and satisfactory response within the agreed deadline, it can provide in writing a holding letter and agree to a plan of action with the Chairman, Cricket Sub Committee.      

Based on new information, an OBA can submit a written complaint, through its representative, up to and on the day of the FoC event, relating to the eligibility of a player. Though attempts will be made to resolve the issue, it may not be possible for the Chairman, Cricket Sub Committee to give a decision during the event, a verdict will be only given after the event. Again If the affected OBA is unable to provide a full and satisfactory response immediately, it can provide in writing a holding letter and agree to a plan of action with the Chairman, Cricket Sub Committee.    

All OBAs shall allow other OBAs or their members to take photographs, audio or video recordings of the players or incidences. These can be used as evidence. Any OBA submitting a frivolous and time wasting complaint may face a disciplinary inquiry.  



Note the term eligible is defined in Section 1. In the event of any breaches relating to eligibility or behaviour the player/s will be automatically banned for life.     

LEVEL  1  Listing a non-eligible person.  --- The OBA will be fined £100.  (Note: Monetary fines can take the form of retention of current year’s dividends and or additions to next year’s entry fee.)  

LEVEL  2  Listing and participation of a non-eligible person but voluntarily withdraw the person during the day of the tournament The OBA will be fined  £200, immediate disqualification of the team from the tournament and Loss of all awards.  

LEVEL  3. Listing and continuing to play a non-eligible person after an objection or a caution.  The OBA will be fined £200, disqualification of the team from the tournament and Loss of all awards. The OBA may face additional disciplinary action including disqualification of the team from next or several future tournaments and or one/more year suspension of the FoC Representatives.    

LEVEL 4 – Impersonation or continuing to play an ineligible person after a caution by the Chairman, Cricket Sub Committee or Submission of a forged document or Presentation of false evidence. The OBA will be fined £200, disqualification of the team from the current and next year tournament and Loss of all awards. The OBA may face unspecified punishments such as further disqualification or expulsion from the FoC and or several year suspensions  of the FoC Representatives.  

LEVEL  5 -The OBAs shall take all measures to stamp out aggressive behaviour, verbal or physical abuse relating to and during the Cricket Tournament. In the event of any breaches all persons involved will be banned for life. The OBA will be fined minimum £300, immediate disqualification of the team from the current and next year tournament and Loss of all awards. The OBA may face unspecified punishments such as further disqualification or expulsion from the FoC and or several year suspension or life ban of the FoC Representatives.  



Only 7 players from the list of players submitted prior to the Tournament are allowed to play in any game of cricket. If due to circumstances the required full team of 7 players cannot found, then the OBA will be asked to form a team with minimum 5 players. 

Number of overs:  5 overs per side. However, due to adverse weather or other circumstances, a reduction of the number of overs, (each side must play a minimum of 3 overs) may be required. The final decision on the number of overs for each stage of the tournament, any changes to the order of play and the allocations of grounds will rest with the Chairman, Cricket Sub-Committee. For each stage of the tournament reduced overs shall apply to all matches of that stage.  

All Players must wear white clothing. It is the responsibility of each OBAs to enforce that all players wear necessary protective gear. The FOC will not be held liable in the event of any injury.   

Before the start of any game the two participating OBA teams shall provide two scorers, one per team. All scoring shall be finalised at the end of each match.   

All Players are expected to take established fielding positions in the cricket field. The wicket-keeper shall wear pads and gloves and shall stand close to the wickets (not near the boundary line). Umpires have the authority to stop any abuse of this rule.   

In a match, a player can bowl one over but no more. His run up shall be limited to 10 yards. In the event of an injury to a bowler the respective Captain can nominate another player, who has not yet bowled to complete the over. In the event of a disqualification of a bowler the fielding side forfeit 6 runs/ball of the uncompleted over.   

TWO RUNS will be awarded for a WIDE BALL and an EXTRA BALL shall be bowled. Any other runs scored will be counted towards the total.  

TWO RUNS will be awarded for a NO BALL and an EXTRA BALL shall be bowled. Any other runs scored will be counted towards the total. Underarm bowling is a NO BALL. Underarm bowling is not allowed and the bowler may be disqualified at the discretion of the umpire.  

The winner of a match will be declared based on the total number of runs scored. For incomplete matches the winner will be declared based on the total number of runs scored at the end of the third over. In the event of a Tie, the winner will be chosen by a toss of a coin, in the presence of the Umpire/s and or the Match Referee. The winner will receive 2 points and the looser zero points. This rule will be applied to matches abandoned due to weather or any other situation. However, in the absence of a clear winner for the Plate and/or the Championship finals, both teams will share the Trophies. 

If during the Qualifying round/s (or Round Robin stage/s) two teams get the same number of winning points, then they will be separated by a toss of coin. If three or more gets the same number of winning points, then they will be separated by a draw. The toss or the draw will be undertaken by a person nominated by the Cricket Sub-Committee.   

All teams are required to arrive at the Playing area by 8.30am and then be ready 15 minutes prior to the starting time of the Match, at their allocated ground and report to the Officer nominated by the Chairman, Cricket Sub Committee. All Players will be 'VERIFIED' prior to the start and then if required any time during the tournament.   


Delay to the starting time of a match will result in a team losing overs of their batting innings. Up to 10 minutes grace is allowed. Then there will be a reduction of   

One batting over from 10 minutes up to 15 minutes delay;  

Two batting overs from 16 minutes up to 20 minutes delay and  

After 20 min the match will be abandoned (each side must play a minimum of 3 overs).  


If one team is ready with minimum 5 players, at the starting time and the other team is late, then the late comers will lose batting over/s as above. After 20 min the match will be abandoned. Team that is ready with minimum 5 players will be declared winners the no-show side shall be declared the losers.   

If both teams are late at the starting time but one team arrive earlier, (before time limit of 20 minutes.). The team that is ready to play with the minimum 5 players will benefit. Later arrival will lose batting overs.  If both teams are late more than 20 minutes the match will be abandoned. Both teams will be declared losers and will get zero points.   

Any unforeseen or novel circumstance, or dispute not covered by these rules, prior to or during the FoC event occur, such should be reported to the Chairman, Cricket Sub Committee. His decision will be Final. (Note: A verdict could be given after the event).  

On the day of the tournament any dispute relating totally to a particular match will be dealt with by the Umpires (along with the Ground Match Referee if available). Their decision will be Final. (They may consult the Chairman of the Cricket Sub Committee)     

Any dispute after the tournament should be reported to the Chairman of the Cricket and his decision once taken will be Final.  

The cut-off date for any complaints relating to the FoC-2017 Seven a Side Cricket Tournament will be Sunday 16th July 2017.