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Roots of Holy Cross go back to the 19th century when a Burgher national named Brohier laid the foundation for a private school in a rented bungalow near Holy Cross Church in Kalutara. It was first baptized by Rev Fr Wilkinson as Holy Cross College English School in 1890. Rev Fr Leo Fernando who succeeded Rev Fr Wilkinson became the founder principal of present Holy Cross College. College Houses took the names of Rev Fathers Herald, Robert, Briton Croos, who were at the helm between 1905 and 1930. They were followed by Rev Frs Gaston Chaulieu (1930 -1946), Arthur M Fernando (1946 - 1948), Benedict Pinto (1948 - 1954), Theodor Peris (1954 - 1970), Themothy Peris (1970 - 1973). In 1973 Mr. Anthony Cooray, the first lay principal took over the helm and ran the college until 1978. In 1978 Rev Brother Francis Silva led the congregation of Maris Brothers that rescued the college and generations of students from what could have been an unimaginable disaster. Today, thanks to Maris Brothers our Savious, Holy Cross College, our Alma Mater is majestically sitting on Holy Cross Hill as it once was and has become a beacon to the nation. Present principal Rev Fr Dr. Camillus Fernando has been at the helm of Holy Cross College since 2011.

Old Boys’ Association

1993 An advertisement published in London based Newslanka newspaper on Sunday, August 29 1992 and personal contacts paved the way towards the formation of Holy Cross College OBA (UK), which officially came to life on the 4 December 1992 in the first ever meeting held at the London residence of Crusader Cyril Lakshman Fernando and Anne Fernando, an old girl of our sister school Holy Family Convent Kalutara. This association was formed with the initial intention of bringing the Crusaders residing in the UK together and raising our flag in the UK, and then raise funds for needy students and college projects back home.


2020 Team of Holy Cross

Past Year Team

Aravinda De Silva

Shiran Pubudu Marshall

Christen Rudrigo

Madawa Perera

Sandakelum Wattewaduge

Saliya Jayaweera

Mohomed Fawsan

Dilip Salinda

Vishvajith Cooray

Ranganath Rodrigo

Dhanushka Walpitagamage

Regie Siriwardena