Rahula College


About Rahula

Rahula College is a school with a rich history and a glorious present. Since 1923, the school has managed to reach high stands nationally and internationally, playing great roles in the fields of education, sports and many other school activities, achieving the goals of today. Therefore, Rahula College stands as a prominent and as a proud school in the nation and as well as in the whole world. Rahula College has bestowed numerous distinguished personalities to the nation for the past years. She gave life towards a new era of Sri Lankan education. Their vision is to make the school an unparalleled educational institute, emulated to the Buddhist environment, nourished with national goals, legacies and heritage which could conquer the global challenges by producing distinctive people with balanced personality, including good discipline and utmost knowledge. The noble purpose of their mission is to bring forth a future generation whose knowledge, attitudes and skills could be tallied with national, common interests and who loves the environment and thyself alike, when efforts are made to conquer the challenges, in their journey forward to the future.

Old Boys’ Association

The Beginning of the Matara Rahula College Old Boys Association was marked on 11th November 1962, where better known then as ODEY Pansala in Maradana. Young Advocate Ranjith Dheeraratne who was one of the brilliant outcomes of Mother Rahula, laid the foundation to the association with the support of another 6 members. Mr. Ranjith Dheeraratne has been added to the history, as the first President of the association. Under his great guidance, there was 32 initial members at the beginning. Now the committee has kept a huge step forward as an Old Boys Association by passing number of years with uncountable achievements. “For the glory of the Buddha sasana and the service Humanity” for which purpose the college was founded in the year 1923, the past pupils have not failed their alma mater.


2020 Team of Rahula

Past Year Team

Harsha Rajapaksa

Lahiru Munasingha

Rasika Dahanayaka

Erantha Muthukumarana

Ranga Prabath

Janith Arachchi

Nuwan Chathuranga

Nadeera Rupasinghe

Thushara Hewage

Akila Isuranga