Winners of the Charity Raffle – FOC 2019

Above Raffle draw was held at a later date on 21st of July 2019 due to unavoidable circumstances. The participants across this event were headed by Mr. Roshan Fernando (Station Manager - Sri Lankan Airlines), FOC 2019 Charity Chairman Mr. Siano Perera. The members of the executive committee and the other committee members were also present as witnesses to the draw. The prizes and the corresponding Ticket Numbers are as follows. -

  • No:3134 - 3x Return tickets to Sri Lanka -
  • No:2706 - 2x Return tickets to Sri Lanka -
  • No:3139 - 1x Return ticket to Sri Lanka -
  • No:1889 - 1x Return ticket to Sri Lanka -
  • No:3847 - 1x Return ticket to Sri Lanka -
  • No:3468 - Dine for 2 at Rising Sun -
  • No:2966 - 2x Tea-Chest Boxes to Colombo by Atlas Shipping (Subject to T&C) -
  • No:4091 - £30 Beauty Voucher by Tiara Salon -
  • No:3699 - Bottle of Single Malt Whisky by Dr. Mamujee
All air tickets are courtesy of Sri Lankan Airlines. If you are the lucky winner of one of the tickets, please contact Mr. Siano Perera, the Charity Chairman of FOC 2019 on 07886502988. Congratulations for all the lucky winners, from FOC 2019 !! A big thank you to each and every one who made contributions to tickets and attended the festival.