Zahira Collage


About Zahira

Zahira College, Colombo was founded in 1892 as Al Madrasathul Zahira by two of the most prominent Sri Lankan Muslims of the day, I. L. M. Abdul Aziz and Arasi Marikar Wapchie Marikar, with the active patronage of Ahmed Orabi Pasha of Egypt. The College which has been in existence for over 125 years is a well-established and a renowned School in Sri Lanka. Spread over an eleven acre block of land in Maradana in the heart of Colombo, it has over the years been endowed with a number of buildings to house its infrastructure, a competition size Playground, Swimming Pool, Dental Clinic, Hostel, Canteen, Bookshop and Students Counseling Room. Practically all the buildings are well equipped with up to date furniture and fittings. The management of the College is now broad based and the Maradana Mosque Committee, the Old Boys Association, the PTA and the Welfare Society are all represented. These bodies have been throughout doing their utmost to ensure the progress and development of Zahira College. The college also has one of the oldest mosques in the country in its premises. “Zahira” means Excellence in Arabic.

Old Boys’ Association

The College has produced a number of football players who represented the national team. The college swimming pool project was proposed and funded by the Old Boys Association. And it was officially opened for the School Students, Old boys and for the Public (after school hours). The project was initiated in 2010 and successfully completed and opened on 14 July 2012. The association raise funds and organize many progrmmes, projects, event and gatherings to support the school and the necessitated individuals in the community, spreading humanity, love, compassion and most importantly unbreakable brotherhood.


2020 Team of Zahira

Past Year Team

Irshan Iqbal

Imran Ghouse

Majeed Mohideen

Nibras Nizam

Rizwan Ghouse

imtiyaz ameer

Zafran Thahir

Shehan Weerasinghe

Hakeef Izzahak

Reezan Rameez

Mohamed Durrani Zubair